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Relationships • Depression • Anxiety • Grief • Self-Esteem

About Svetlana

Svetlana received her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto, after receiving her B.A. in Psychology from York University. She is a member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists (OACCPP), and is registered with the psychotherapy regulatory body in Ontario – the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). She has been practising since 2007 and has experience with clients from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, both at educational institutions and in the community.

Svetlana has worked with individuals dealing with a wide array of concerns and personal difficulties, including depression; anxiety; stress; relationship difficulties; loneliness; marital distress; divorce or separation; addictions; anger; self-esteem; trauma; loss; grief; despair; stress management; eating disorders; pain and psychosomatic symptoms; work and money issues; career direction; life transitions; death and dying; LGBTQ issues; intercultural struggles; just feeling stuck, lost, frightened, or shut down; moving to action or getting things done; emotional intelligence; creativity; and presence.

Svetlana is committed to providing effective and holistic therapy and counselling that mobilizes people toward positive change on every level – emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. As such, and given that a client with a specialized issue may unexpectedly tap into any material, she has chosen to stay informed on a wide array of concerns. Svetlana is prepared to respond to every single thing that comes up in therapy.

Svetlana has also worked with couples addressing unhealthy relationship patterns and fostering greater communication, trust, intimacy and understanding. Her portfolio includes presentations, workshops, and seminars on various topics, such as emotional intelligence, personal development and psychotherapy, stress management, and procrastination.