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Relationships • Depression • Anxiety • Grief • Self-Esteem

My Philosophy

I believe that everyone has innate wisdom, creativity, and ability needed to deal with life challenges. I hold that every aspect of the self is valuable; the therapist can be a vehicle to help people fully encounter their natural attributes, express them, understand how they connect to different facets of life, and live from their wholeness.

Psychotherapy involves a profound human encounter through which people can begin to deepen their self-understanding, resolve painful struggles, and move toward a more empowered life. For this to occur, I strive to create a space of safety, respect, empathy, listening, and exploration. I believe in the process of psychotherapy, and I love what I do.

Individual Therapy

Every person is unique and so is the connection between the therapist and the person. Your needs will drive the therapy and the relationship; together we will find choices where there seem to be none, and move toward change.

Couples Therapy

We all need close, secure and safe intimate relationships. I help couples choose more effective patterns of connection, create safety and build trust between themselves, deepen their bonds, and find genuine intimacy.

How Therapy Helps

Therapy helps you reveal yourself in a respectful and empathic setting. The therapist helps you understand your emotions, allowing you as a result to take control of your emotional self, and create new experiences.

My Approach

I am a practitioner of Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), and integrate solution-focused approaches depending on client needs. EFT is an experiential approach that combines elements of Gestalt and Person-Centred psychotherapies.